About Brooke Clunie

Pottery in the Byron Bay Hinterland

Brooke Clunie
‘Those that know me, know I need to make’

Potter and Maker, Brooke Clunie can be found along with the hum of her wheel at Red Door Studio and Gallery, overlooking rolling hills and farmland in the Byron Bay hinterland. Thrown on the Potters wheel and individually decorated and glazed, Brooke’s ceramic vessels celebrate space, vitality and imagination.

Choose from Brooke’s restful glazes and simplicity of form with her Stoneware and Toasted Earth range or the loose and playful imagery of her Decorative Earthenware.

Brooke creates original custom made and personalised pottery tableware ideal for unique personal and celebratory gifts...such as wedding, friendships, births, birthdays and christenings.


Life as a potter today

It is still a wonder to be able to create with my hands, pieces that will be used daily. From that first brew in the morning with loved ones right through the day, to serving a hearty evening feast.

My obsession with clay began in my final years at school where I was lucky enough to have an inspiring and bossy pottery teacher. She instilled discipline and creativity in my practice, not to be too precious and to always remember form and function.

I was given the keys to the art room - what a privilege to have been offered this gift...and my sheer determination to centre a ball of clay! Currently, I am driven by restful spaces and time in the pieces that I make.

So inspiration comes from an internal quest for stillness.
Each piece with the end user in mind and how they will receive this quiet intention. All need to be ‘wanted’ so to speak and stand alone or in a group without shouting. 

I’m not too concerned with the perfect thrown pot but more with the feelings they encourage and project forward. This instilled calmness and beauty for me.
Functionality and performance steer another aspect to my range with form being my main concern. The lip of a bowl or mug, a handle, the belly; how these aspects to a piece make them work well and be the first for hungry hands to reach for.

Brooke Clunie